Monday, November 2, 2015

Sushi Tei Sabah - Autumn Indulgence

"Established in 1947, Sushi Tei is a homegrown establishment serving authentic Japanese food in an inviting, cosmopolitan environment. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients to deliver old and exciting versions of classic dishes. in true Japanese style, our chefs treat food preparation as an art form and, by centering our restaurants around the open kitchen, we encourage all patrons to take a greater interest in their expertise. Combined with warm service and affordable pricing, we promise an experience to truly remember" by Sushi Tei 

Sushi Tei Sabah total have two branch outlet;

1) Sushi Tei - Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

2) Sushi Tei - Oceanus Waterfront Mall

Kawara Charcoal Udon / Soba
Kawara Japanese Noodles RM19.80

Also know as "Cold Noodle" in a Japanese style 

Sashimi Salad
(Raw fish & fresh vegerable)

Salads are readily available in most restaurants, the Japanese version must surely be among the most delightful. After all. it consists of the freshest vegetables - lettuce, carrot , celery and tomato and top with tantalizing Sushi Tei or sesame dressing , a must have with every meal!

Choice of dressing:
1) Wafuu Dressing 
2) Sesame Dressing
3) Oninons Sautee Dressing
4) Ebara Dressing

Kinoko Charcoal Soba / Udon RM20.80
Japanese noodles in clear soup

Halibut Kinoko Gomatare RM20.80
Seasoned fried flatfish and mushroom

Kaisen Tan Tan Ramen RM30.80 (Regular) / RM16.80 (Small)
assorted seafood ramen in spicy sesame soup base.

Salmon Mentaiyaki / Misomayo RM20.80
grilled salmon witth code roe or miso & Mayonnaise sauce 

Term & Conditions
Presentation of food is subject to change without prior notice. Sushi Tei member enjyoy 10% discount off the food b ill. No changes are allowed for all promotional items.

All prices are subject to 6% GST only. 10% Service Charge are waived at all Kota Kinabalu outlets.