Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy Parenthood Expo 2nd Edition 2015

Now open for participation

Official Venue:
Oceanus Waterfront Mall 

Organised By:
Eleventh Avenue Media Marketing

Official Magazine:
FAVSTYLE Magazine 

To participate kindly contact +60149575738

Thursday, August 6, 2015

HuaYi (KK) Hair Care Center - Treatment Review by AlfredAllenKK

Treatment review special invitation by HuaYi (KK) Hair Care Center to MejaRasaKK blogger AlfredAllenKK. Located at 88 Marketplace, Kepayan Ridge. HuaYi (KK) Hair Care Center operate since 3 months ago by Mr Lionel Liew (The Owner of HuaYi - KK). I've been notified that the 1st HuaYi Hair Care Center was at Sandakan and HuaYi KK was the 2nd outlet. 

Located at 88Market,Kepayan Ridge
Hua Yi Hair Treatment and Care Company Ltd. was established in 1991, with collaboration of traditional Chinese and herbal experts along with allopathic and pharmaceutical medicines specialists
The Founder
After an untiring and continuous research of 22 years combined with true professional commitment, ultimately, the company has developed not only a most effective treatment for Alopecia (hair loss) and related hair diseases but also have produced several products for hair and scalp protection.

Recognition & Awards 
1995 & 2000 “National Invention” Certificates by
State Patent Recognition Department

2004 ISO9001 International Quality System Certification organized by the British NQA

1997 Thailand World Medical Healthcare Expo Gold Medal

1998 Award for Spark Program & Technology Products Expo Egyptian Pyramids

1994 Gold Award for the National Patent Technology and Products Trade Show

1996 Fair Outstanding Project Award of China Spark Program 10th anniversary

Welcome to HuaYi (KK) Hair Care Center
Waiting area for client
Relaxing ambiance
100% Herbal products by HuaYi
Treatment section
Client will go through a scalp scan to know the condition of the scalp, HuaYi provide very professional and well trained consultant. (Inside picture Ms Liew brief AlfredAllenKK about his scalp and the current condition and suitable treatment for him) Ms Liew recommended to go through Ginger Scalp Treatment.  

Ginger Scalp Treatment 1 hour treatment
1st the hair & scalp will wash clean by natural salt and follow by Ginger for scalp.
2nd the therapist will massage scalp
At this treatment the scalp feeling warm because of the ginger

After 30 minute of scalp massage, Well trained therapist will clean the scalp with cold temperature water. the feeling was sensational and i can feel the scalp clean and relax.

The treatment take approximately 30 to 35 minute

100% herbal tonic
After the ginger scalp treatment, the scalp now ready to apply HuaYi secret herbal tonic. this treatment to activate the pore and encourage regrow hair and healthy scalp

The tonic apply using a special brush

Well trained therapist will use the special brush to apply the tonic by "tapping" on the scalp. 

After apply the tonic, its time to air-dry the hair and scalp

HuaYi Herbal products

HuaYi Herbal products

Ms Annie well trained therapist that treating my scalp

Good Job! The whole process treatment running smooth, and treatment was awesome. Thank you HuaYi (KK) Hair Care Center for such service.    

HuaYi (KK) Hair Care Center also the participant of MYGreen Health Fair last months at Oceanus Waterfront Mall. 

I believe "Prevention Is Better Than Cure" a big calling to everyone who reading this blog, Please at least have a scalp test to make sure your scalp in good condition. 

Here a chance for you to have a Free scalp scan and consultation by calling this number 
+6088-216 689

Their professional consultant ready to assist you, also LIKE HuaYi official facebook at to find out more.

Business Hour
10 am to 7pm