Saturday, February 8, 2014

104 years old, M.S. Columbus in progress

Refurbishment Work On Columbus

The weather has been a mix of wet and dry recently, but nothing has stopped us from working on our latest vessel addition, M.S. Columbus.

Since arriving on November 28, 2013 our new boat is being restored and refurbished at our Marina berth. Overall, she is in remarkable condition for her age; 104 years old.

She has had a good scrub from all the dirt, grime, stains and salt on her exterior and is now in process of getting a much-needed fresh coat of paint.

We are also refinishing the wood on the interior as well as repairing and installing sound proofing for air-conditioning in the chiller room.
Here’s a quick look into the beautifying process of M.S. Columbus.

Work In Progress
The restoration of M.S Columbus
Removing sand and polishing the surface of the boat
Stay tuned for more updates on the M.S Columbus’ restoration project.

Have a great day!

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