Monday, December 19, 2016


This year you've booked flights with us, flown to new destinations, travelled to new places and discovered new things! And now, we would like to present this report which pretty much sums it all up.

Top 10 Most Searched Destinations

We also reveal 5 destinations to watch for 2017. Be sure to include them in your to-discover list! #AirAsia2016TravelReport

Top 10 Most Visited Destinations.

Top Travellers by Nationality

On an average, Malaysian takes 1.3 trips a year.

62% Malaysians make domestic trips
(Sabah & Sarawak)

26% Malaysian make ASEAN tripss
(Indonesia,Singapore and Thailand)

23% Malaysian make overseas trips
(Japan,China,South Korea,Australia) 

6 types of travellers
Top 10 City Destinations
Top 8 Beach Destinations
Top 3 Inflight Food

All post up and photo source from Air Asia official facebook account.
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review and re-post by Meja Rasa KK