Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Pearl Is Born...Miss Kaamatan Oceanus 2015

Miss Kaamatan Oceanus 2015 Winner Hosiani Jaimis
24th May 2015-KOTA KINABALU: It was all smiles for Hosiani Jaimis who was crowned champion after she outshone the top eight finalists at the Oceanus Miss Kaamatan contest yesterday.

The 22-year-old winner from Tambunan, was presented with a cash prize of RM3,000, a cash voucher worth RM1,000 from Paris Station, a winning trophy, and certificate by Oceanus Waterfront Mall Executive Director Mr Johnson Koh, and Managing Director of Seri Insan Borneo Schools Datin Hjh Sharifah Hapsah Binti Alawi.

The two-day contest held at the mall’s Concourse Floor also saw Hosiani bag the Miss Kaamatan Popular Winner category with 7,174 likes on the Oceanus Waterfront Mall official Facebook page, and placed at second place for “Best Ethnic Contemporary Gown” during the preliminary round on Saturday evening.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, she said it was an unexpected win.

Hosiani told the reporters that this is only her second pageant competition after managing second place at the Unduk Ngadau competition in Tambunan earlier this month.

Though she did not garner a win at the district level, she decided to push her luck a second time at the pageant competition organised by Oceanus Waterfront Mall, and was glad she did.

Meanwhile, Pachara Apin Emmanuel who is from Keningau, emerged as first runner-up, walking away with RM2,000 cash, an RM800 voucher from Paris Station, a winning trophy, and certificate.

Pachara also won first prize for “Best Ethnic Contemporary Gown”.

Her stunning, modern ethnic dress – the ‘Glamour Rose Huminodun’ – featured a combination of ethnic Dusun Tindal and Bajau Irranun patterns and motifs from Kota Belud but with a modern touch, notably the rosette-shaped bolero jacket.

The dress was designed by Petrus Boyd Pensin.

Second runner Deidre Casandra Marius G, from Kota Kinabalu, won RM1,000 cash, an RM500 voucher from Paris Station, a winning trophy and certificate.

She also won Miss Kaamatan Personality title.

The other top five contestants were Falynda Sharon Mathew, Jenell Albert Joseph, Mayzlyne Ley Mayius, Carrey Evanne Kim Lee, and Felcy Fransie Julian of which all received an RM200 cash consolation prize.

The winners were selected by five professional judges; the former state level Unduk Ngadau 2013 champion Immaculate Lojuki, Chairman of Hyatt Regency Kinabalu Datuk Gordon Leong, Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK)’s head of licensing Joanna Johny Goh, Chairman of Paris Station Eddy, headed by Sharifah.

The ladies were judged according to four aspects; their beauty, personality, catwalk, and traditional attire.

The team behind the successful event
At least 20 finalists mostly from the west coast districts, including the state capital, Penampang, Kota Marudu, and Papar staged a captivating performance much to the joy of the weekend crowd, including tourists who gathered to catch a glimpse of Sabah’s much-celebrated Harvest Beauty Queen pageants.

Source from Oceanus Waterfront Mall official social media page. 
Write-up contribute by New Sabah Times By Mohd Izham bin Hashim & Therenes Voo

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Enjoy Bon La Belle Coffee

Introduction of "Coffee"

Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of "berries" from the Coffea plant. Coffee plants are cultivated in over 70 countries, primarily in the equatorial regions of the Americas, Southeast Asia, India and Africa. The two most commonly grown are the highly regarded arabica, and the less sophisticated but stronger and more hardy robusta. 

The latter is resistant to the coffee leaf rust, Hemileia vastatrix, but has a more bitter taste. Once ripe, coffee beans are picked, processed, and dried. Green (unroasted) coffee beans are one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. Once traded, the beans are roasted to varying degrees, depending on the desired flavor, before being ground and brewed to create coffee.

To enjoy a good coffee you need to have at least a good selection of coffee bean, coffee machine, the right milk, the right recipe and of cos you need a barista to do it. Bon La Belle hidden a special talent and yet to be a barista now earning almost a come back visit for her coffee daily. 

Introduce to you Ms Annabell Chin the founder of Bon La Belle, 

Bon La Belle founder Ms Annabell Chin on the left together with Hong Kong friends Ms Vanessa Law, recent visit to Shangri-La Rasa Ria resort.

with basic knowledge of coffee and latte art, she never stop trying to impress friends and family around about her coffee until she get a coffee machine and start experimenting it. with never give up spirit and try after try, finally she manage to serve the right coffee with presentable latte art. The result was astonishing.

Bon La Belle Signature Coffee
Bon La Belle located at Karamunsing Capital (World of Feng Shui-KK) a simple and easy going coffee counter that currently serving more than 10 coffee drinks. from espresso to cafe mocha and a must try signature cafe latte with latte art.

Open daily from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm 

Beside enjoying good coffee you also can shop around for the right life enhancer in World Of Feng Shui-Kota Kinabalu.

No service charge and GST. Just enjoy your good coffee

For more info you may contact : 088-488 618 

Friday, May 22, 2015

20 Sabah KDM most beautiful ladies

Proudly introduce to you Sabah KDM most beautiful ladies...

Ms Aloysia

Ms Betsy

Ms Brenda

Ms Carrey

Ms Cheryl

Ms Deidre

Ms Dymphna

Ms Falynda

Ms Felcy

Ms Hosiani

Ms Jenell

Ms Jessica

Ms Marliana

Ms May

Ms Mayzyne

Ms Mazizi

Ms Nicole

Ms Pachara

Md Sunah

Ms Vanessa official media (blog) for Oceanus Miss Kaamatan 2015

How to vote? LIKE Oceanus Waterfront Mall page, then click LIKE on your favorite contestant! Winner will be receiving RM500 cash, trophy, certificate, flower bouquet, tiara & sash.

To vote click : HERE

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mark Your Calendar 5th Of June 2015 - Harith Iskander...To Know Malaysia Is To LAUGH MALAYSIA!

Kota Kinabalu: 16th May 2015

Harith Brings Laughter In The Aim To Unite Malaysians

To know Malaysia is to ..."LAUGH, MALAYSIA!" Sabah edition featuring the Godfather of Stand-up Comedy in Malaysia - Presented by Mah Sing Group

Right Mr Harith Iskander (The Godfather of Stand-up Comedy) Middle Mah Sing Group Ms Michelle Ho Deputy General Manager Marketing & Sales and together with Mr Alan Executive Director of ThinkWorkshop

Get ready to laugh it up Malaysians while you come together as one nation in the most unexpected way - Comedy! With so much disparity and tragedy that has be fallen Malaysia this year; we need to bring Malaysians together to stand united and resilient...and what better way to bring solidarity other than through true Malaysian-Styled comedy and humour!. In the aim to spread the "1Malaysia" spirit, godfather of stand-up comedy in Malaysia, Harith Iskander, will be putting up his best performance on 5th June 2015 at Tun Ahmad Raffae Auditorium Hall, Yayasan Sabah.

Mr Harith Iskander presenting memento to Ms Michelle Ho witness by the media press  

The show apparently give the title "Harith Iskander...To Know Malaysia Is To LAUGH MALAYSIA!", promises to be the biggest night of stand-up comedy in Sabah and will also feature new talents in the Malaysian comedy scene as well as other seasoned international comedians. Introducing new materials to the stage as well as some classic "Best Of" and with a mixture of interactive visuals and live music, Harith, with more than 22 years of experience to his name, aims to bring a new and exciting edge to his performance. The topics will be a mixture of daily observations about what makes Malaysia "tick" told in the indomitable and distinctive Harith Iskander style.

from right: Eleventh Avenue Media Marketing (FLEW Magazine) Event & Marketing Manager Mr Ken Yuen. Mr Harith Iskander (The Godfather of Stand-up Comedy). Creative & Executive Director of Eleventh Avenue Media Marketing, The founder of FLEW Magazine, the Creator of KK Food Event Dot Com Mr Alfred Allen Ginsos, Head Of Design & HR Manager Mr Brandon Benedick - Photo Session with Malaysia Most Funniest Person.

"Synonymous to the government's effort of promoting brotherhood and camaraderie amongst fellow Malaysians, my vision for Malaysians is to come together for one night under one roof to display the strength of who we are and what we stand for as Malaysians -Unity, Moderation and Oneness. It's time for Malaysians to turn DISTRESS into DE-Stress," say Harith

Jointly brought to you by Harith Iskander V Day Productions, Talent Bah and Think Workshop "Laugh Malaysia" promises a night of rip-roaring laughter to its audience. "To Know Malaysia Is To LAUGH MALAYSIA" will also feature one of the best of the new crop of Malaysian comedian's Dr Jason Leong, Ryzal Van Geyzel and GB Labrador, one of Philippines Top Comedian.

This event would be the 2nd edition over since its 1st huge success last October 2014 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil with 9000 seating capacity featuring the "God Father" of stand-up comedy Malaysia's Harith Iskander and opened by Dr Jason Leong & Papa CJ, Top Indian Comedian from India.

"To Know Malaysia Is To Laugh Malaysia" is proudly brought to you by Harith Iskander V Day productions, Talent Bah and Think Workshop. For more details. log on to for tickets inquiries 

Show Details
Harith Iskander...To Know Malaysia Is To.."Laugh, Malaysia!" Sabah Edition
Date: 05th June 2015 (Friday)
Time: 08:00pm
Venue: Tun Ahmad Raffae Auditorium Hall, Yayasan Sabah.
Ticket: RM200, RM150 and RM80

Tickets are also available for sale at:
Party Play Lifestyle Cafe, Kota Kinabalu
Jesselton College,City Mall
Hanakoya Premium Gifts & flower, The Peak Suite
CABO-Mexican Restaurant Bar. Lintas Plaza
1Borneo Hypermall Concierge 
True Harmony, Karamunsing Capital

Monday, May 11, 2015

Oceanus Unduk Ngadau (23rd & 24th May 2015)

RM10,000.00 Worth of Cash Prizes in total....The search is open now!

Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan is a beauty pageant held during the Kaamatan cultural event in Sabah, Malaysia. The title comes from the ethnic word Runduk Tadau which means 'the girl crowned by the sunlight'.Unduk Ngadau is one of the most recognizable cultural events in Sabah and the beauty pageant is unique to the state. In Rungus Language, Runduk means "to communicate", and Tadau means "the Sun", therefore Unduk Ngadau translates to communicate with Sundu(Kinorohingan)or God asking for blessing of sunlight.

Terms & Conditions: 
•Contestant age between 18 - 27 years old and single. 
•Height at least 156cm and above, photogenic and attractive with good personality. 
•Open for Malaysian citizen only and copy of I.C must be submitted together with this application form. 
•All contestants are required / compulsory to attend briefing, rehearsal whenever required and must be punctual or it will affect the points during judging. 
•Photos taken during this event or any future events shall belong to the Management and the Management has the right to use it for news coverage, future events and any promotional activities in the mall. 
•Judges decisions is final and the Management has a right to disqualify any contestant with disciplinary matters. 
•Contestants specially Top 3 Winners will need to support any activities in the mall and are encourage to participate in any event organized by the Management or co-sponsors in future.

Oceanus Unduk Ngadau (23rd & 24th May 2015)
Ladies, the search is ON! For more info, please contact 088 347 949 or 012 825 8688 - Ms. Telca (SMS / WhatsApp only)