Monday, October 17, 2016



What happen when you have a bunch of creative people with different disciplines doing unimaginable art exhibition together in one place?

You have "One Hell Of A BABI Exhibition"..

A never been done before in the creative history in Borneo or even Malaysia. An all out "BABI" exhibition.

Artists background are painter, muralist, fine art artist, merchandiser, tattooist, graffiti artist, photographer, art students, cartoonist, graphic designer, art activist, contemporary artist, etc.

Artwork sales will be donated to SPCA Kota Kinabalu, lets help the animals and especially towards the new build up shelter in Papar.

We like to invite GK patrons to join us for this three (3) days event. The opening night will be on the 28th October 16 at 7pm in GK Kepayan Point.

The arts will be display for sale throughout the three days for your viewing.

2nd Chance Adoption Programme at SPCAKK
Let's Support.