Saturday, June 6, 2015

Special invitation to MejaRasaKK & F.L.E.W editor team for Premier Show- An Enemy Of The People, At The Moment.

An Enemy Of The People, At The Moment

Thank you PITaPAT Thearter giving us the opportunity to attend "An Enemy Of The People, At The Moment. Special premier show on the 04th of June 2015.

Guest arrive at the registrations counter 
It's an honor to experience such good stage theatrical performance by all young and talented actor and actress for the live theater show. As we have been informed that the story line was a rewritten script and with a touch of enhancement to give the story more interesting.

Presented by PITaPAT Theater
Acknowledgement to SPArKS / SMK Shan Tao
Here the synopsis of the stories: (and adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's play written in 19th century)

"Peter a Mayor, has developed a business project- the Baths ( a tourist village provides any kind of Baths) which succeeded to gain great profit in the town but his brother, Thomas (the medical officer of the Baths) discovered that the water in the Baths is polluted and poisoned."

Promo leaflet 
Guest walking to the Theater Hall

Welcome by our Usher to the Theater Hall

Free Sitting

Attend by MejaRasaKK Editor & F.L.E.W Magazine Team

Does Thomas solve the issue? Come and visit "An Enemy of the People, at the Moment) 

Venue: SM Shan Tao Likas

Ticket Contact: 014-270 6281

4th June 8:00 p.m  Premier Show Only
5th June 8:00 p.m
6th June 8:00 p.m
7th June 3:00 p.m (Last Show)
7th June 8:00 p.m (Last Show)

Part of the scene
The Cast:
Georgina Tay
Rosmawati binti Koroh
Steward Chang
Cassandra Wong
Eugene Tong
Rhian Hew

Seng Soo Ming
Graduated from ITI (Intercultural Theatre Institute) in Singapore; founded PITaPAT Theatre in 2012; touring all over the world for more than 200 shows, He is now based in Kota Kinabalu as theatre director, actor educator. He teaches drama at Tsung Tsin High School. Shan Tao Primary school etc

Lighting Designer / Stage Manager
Veeky Tan
Graduate from New Era College Drama and Visuals Department. design over 30 performances in various art forms such as dance, drama & concerts; received "The Best Lighting Designer" in the ADA Awards 2011, she is now a professional lighting designer.
Music Composer
Eugene Tong
A music composer, pianist and trumpeter who graduate from Sabah Institute of Art. Eugene has written more than 50 songs in different genres. He performed in the KK Jazz Festival both 2013 and 2014.

About PITaPAT Theatre
was formed in 2012 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. They aim to undertake relevant, accessible and contemporary theatrical projects which explore the multicultural Malaysia community to increase consciousness of the social issues. Their aim objective is to increase the participations of people from our multi-ethnic Malaysia in al aspects of professional theatrical training and intensive drama workshops.