Saturday, June 6, 2015

No More Stress, Genuinely Pure Laugh. Laugh Malaysia Sabah Edition in KK.Review by AlfredAllenKK

All set for Laugh Malaysia Sabah Edition in Kota Kinabalu. Michael Veerapen, GB Labrador, Rizal Van Geyzel, Harith Iskander & Jason Leong

A long waited and consider East Malaysia North Borneo biggest stand-up comedy finally successfully over on the 5th of June 2015 attended by thousand of people young and old. Iindeed "Laughter is the best medicine" for our editor Mr Alfred Allen quoting "No More Stress, Genuinely Pure Laugh" at Laugh Malaysia Sabah Edition in Kota Kinabalu City. 

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Stage host by Rizal Van Geyzel also a comedian, the opening was hilarious and touching current issue that hotting everyone plate (If you attend the show, You know what I mean!) Rizal Van Geyzel introduce one by one all the comedian and the finale of cos The Godfather of Stand-up Comedy in Malaysia - Harith Iskander himself.

1st round already big burst of laughter
The line up was good and awesome, starting Rizal Van Geyzel himself, the 2nd comedian was GB Labrador from The Philipines, where he serving pretty much funny things about his origin and about his country daily unusual stuff, good plot. next coming up the 3rd comedian introduce by Rizal is Dr Jason Leong (A real practical Dr, However comedy is part of his hobby and he like to make people laugh, and really laugh out loud) Jason Leong touching mostly the local current issue as well, a good blend funny essence that pretty all of the audiences understand with one hit.

Full House
The anticipated of waiting finally is here after the 1st two round burst laughing as warming up, The Godfather of Stand-up Comedy Harith Iskander shows up walking out to the stage and was welcome with the whole auditorium around of a big applause to him, Mr Harith also introducing the comedy musician Mr Michael Veerapen as their comedy escort. (A smart combination thou) 

We will see you guys again!

Laugh Malaysia Sabah Edition In Kota Kinabalu City was a big wrap up, Special thanks to Mah Sing Group Kota Kinabalu. ThinkWorkshop and LaughBah for all their effort and hardworking to bringing such a good show, We looking forwards for more such event in Kota Kinabalu City,

Thumb Up!

Review by AlfredAllenKK