Tuesday, June 2, 2015

An Enemy of the People,at the moment (人民公敌.现在进行式) This month of June

[AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. at the MOMENT] will be opened on this JUNE.
organize by PITAPAT Theater 

Key Date:

Premier Show 
04th June 2015
8:00 p.m

Limited Show
05th June 2015 
8:00 p.m

06th June 2015
8:00 p.m

07th June 2015
3:00 p.m 
8:00 p.m (Last Show)

Venue: SMK SHAN TAO Likas

The Actor and Actress line up

桂芝 ZIZI ~ as Katherine

EUGENE ~ as Peter
ROSMA ~ as Thomas
CASSANDRA ~ as Thomas
GEORGINA ~ as Hovstad
RHIAN ~ as Petra
The cast of An Enemy Of The People, At The Moment.

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