Saturday, July 30, 2016


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Palliative Care Association annual fundraising charity dinner

Mr Alfred Allen KK
Publisher and Blogger
attend to support Palliative Care Association for its good cause.

29th July 2016 (Friday) at Magellan Grand Ballroom Sutera Harbour Resorts

In Collaboration with
Sutera Harbour Resort



RMB Records Creative Studios

Datuk Ambrose Lee presenting mock cheque to Datuk Dr Ranjit Oommen
donation of RM100k

Message from the right honourable Chief Minister Of Sabah
Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Hj Aman

"I am pleased to accept this invitation to be the Guest of Honour in supporting of the 16th Annual Fund Raising Concert and Charity Dinner. Congratulations to the Palliative Care Association on another successful year of caring for those with advanced incurable diseases in the comfort of their homes" 

Message from The President of Palliative Care Association of Kota Kinabalu 
Ms Matron Morna Chua

"We continue to provided quality care to our patients and have been able to achieve our Association's mission to provide a good symptoms control, hope and compassionate care, comfort and bereavement support during the changing phase of our patients lives with incurable cancers so taht they and their families may live to the fullest."

Message from the Patron of Palliative Care Association of Kota Kinabalu 
Datuk Victor S Paul

"As you all know, the Association depends on the Annual Charity fund raising Dinner and Concert to raise most of the funds required to run the home program. We are grateful to all of you for your generosity which allow us to provide this service free of cost.

Message from Organizing Chairperson 
Datuk Margaret Lim 

"Welcome to our concert presented by the Tina Turner Tribute Show and Rosario, The winner of Bintang RTM 2016.  Thank you for making the time to be our guests this evening and for being part of a special Caring community.

Luisa Marshall
"In 2013, Luisa was voted and became a recipient as RBC's 25 Top story of success in the field of entertainment overcoming big challenges is an inspiration to all. She is a big role model for young girls with big dreams and a very influential, avid supporter of various diverse communities.

The Hand
Represents the love and care given by the carers on the patient's last journey

The Butterfly
As the butterfly metamorphose from caterpillar to pupa to its ultimate winged from so does the patient pass through the ravages of sickness, finally revealing the inherent beauty of the human soul

Dark green fading to pale green signifies the transition from life to death
yellow signifies the promise and peace of eternal life.