Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Signature Awards Night - 1st Nov 2015

10 Signature Restaurant
AppleBurgundy Grill & Bar
CHUBs Grill
GK Grillz Kitchen (Kepayan Point)
Legend Coffee Tea (Oceanus)
Mad Ben Cafe
Passio Coffee
Print Cafe (Karamunsing Complex)
Sakagura Japanese Restaurant
Shoney's Dining & Bar
The ONE Hong Kong Cafe

3 Judges
Datuk Gordon Leong
Rory Richardson
Alfred Allen

10 Menus
Grill Ayam Kampung by AppleBurgundy Grill & Bar
Flame Grill Pork Belly by CHUBs Grill
GK Tri Pork Combo by GK Grillz Kitchen
Pan Fried Aust Sliced Lamb With Vegetable Rice by Legend Coffee Tea
Truffle Rib Eye Risotto by Mad Ben Cafe
Nasi Lemak Special by Passio Coffee
Big Hot Dog by Print Cafe
Hiroshima Styled Okonomiyaki Savory Pancake by Sakagura Japanese Restaurant
Seafood Chowder & BBQ Ribs by Shoney's Dining & Bar
Hong Kong Lo-Shui by The ONE Hong Kong Cafe

25 Days of Signature Offer

6 Awards
Best Signature Menu
Best Ambiance 
Best Customer Service
Best Combination Menu
Facebook Most Popular
Outstanding Chef

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