Friday, October 30, 2015

New Taste , Greater Value - AL Fresco, The Magellan Sutera Resort

Welcome to Al Fresco

Kota Kinabalu : Take the opportunity to spend some time with families, friends, and loved ones throughout the whole month of November and head over to the Magella Sutera Resort, Treat your taste buds with eclectic food & beverage promotions of great value, available at their outlets.

Mediterranean ambiance

Situated by the side of a beautifully landscaped sea-view pool, Al Fresco enjoys outdoor dining with spectacular scenery and a relaxing atmosphere. The extensive selection of pasta and seafood dishes and famous wood-fired pizzas are complemented by a lively cocktail menu.

Opening Hours :11.00am - 11.00pm
Location : Level 1, The Magellan Sutera
Capacity : 80
Cuisine : Mediterranean

Enjoy good time at Al Fresco with spectacular view of the south china sea, You can enjoy your lunch by simply ordering their signature pizza menu or hi-tea with some local brew selection.

Newly open bar

Their newly renovated Al Fresco outdoor bar is open, happy hour never been so great with friends right here.

AlfredAllenKK together with SHR MARCOM team.
The best and friendly group of people.

Special food review invitation to MejaRasaKK blogger, We appreciate every invitation and its like a family to all of us.

Media friends trying the new launching Roti Pratha Pizza and also Al Fresco steamboat 

sip your way to paradise with the flavorful Caipiroska Passion Cocktail at Tarik's Lounge for only RM25.65neett or enjoy the great natural taste of Tuttini Frutini Mocktail at RM13.99nett per glass.

Must Try
Al Fresco Sour Citrus Mocktail RM13.99nett

for Something sweet, head on to Muffinz Deli for the ultimate indulgence of Hazelnut strawberry Cream Cheesecake at only RM14.00nett per slice and RM100nett per KG

either you go for seafood or veggie everything nicely prepare

For those craving for something unique and delicious, snack on with your families and friends with the popular indian Flatbread with a twist. 

Media having a good time.

The thin-crusted Roti Pratha Pizza is surely yummy and available from Rm20.00nett onwards at Al Fresco Restaurant.

Must Try
Four type of flavor

complement your snack with Al Fresco's Sour Citrus Mocktail at RM13.99nett or Cuban Vanilla Cocktail at R25.65nett

Chef interview by SayangSabah

for more information or reservation, call +6088 318 888, 

+6088 318 431 (Al Fresco)
+6088 318 432 (Muffinz Deli)
+6088 318 371 (Tarik's Lounge)

Or email at