Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome Aboard From Kota Kinabalu city to Palawan.A Journey with SuperStar Aquarius by AlfredAllenKK (Blog Part 01)

At 1st i hesitate to travel in 2015 after certain unfortunate event happening around in aviation industries. Traveling totally not in my diary listing to start my 2015 plan. Most of the time my family will travel whenever they have a chance locally or even internationally. i give plenty of excuses that i don't want to travel and wishing them enjoy their trip. My last travel was back in 2010 visiting my youngest sister who practical study at Taiwan, She graduate and my family have to travel over to companion her to come back. The trip was good as my mom sponsors me the whole expenses...Thanks MOM!

This time around they plan in advance to go holiday not far from Sabah to Palawan Philippines and via Star Cruise. i rejecting their idea to travel on ship as i hate being seasick with all the big wave and thinking of titanic! They secretly bought my ticket and end up force me to renew my passport that's when i have no choice but to obey...And again my trip fully sponsors...Thanks MOM!

My mom together with my youngest sister and (Future brother-in Law) and a group of GCC Church member have book the whole holiday route with MATTHEWPAUL Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd and getting the offer package for SuperStar Aquarius and with Puerto Princesa Tour Package B....Wait a minute! i thought i only packing my things and go up to the ship that's it....why suddenly Puerto Princesa come out? >< So i done some research about the place and it was at Philippines. Okay fine! this time i cant argue more as they have fully purchase the package and there is no turning back...all i do is waiting for the traveling day...

Traveling date 04th Jan 2015 Depart and 07th Jan 2015 Travel back.

I packing all my necessary stuff and bring my whole desk of things my lappy...paperwork...file....etc after all its just another boring trip why not i bring my work on board and do it while traveling and then enjoyyy the day inside the cruise. i expecting there was FREE wifi so i can lay down comfortably in my room and start writing and designing for my coming event. (Aboard and find out the wifi was down! Perfect! now i have to facing the sea the whole journey!) 

Traveling and going up to the ship.... After go through all the check-point and check-in finally we on board!

Good by KK see you next week!

Sunny day when sailing off from Kota Kinabalu jetty.

Good sailing and smooth sailing....okay i admit all my negative skeptic about the cruise liner slowly faded away. I just hope this will be a good journey for me...Don't Rain or Rough Sea!

I just find out SuperStar Aquarius 3rd largest ship in Star Cruise.....

Ship Fact:

Gross Tonnage : 51,309grt
Length : 229.84m/754.07ft
Width : 28.5m/93.5ft
Average Cruising Speed (knots) : 18kn
Maximum Cruising Speed(knots) : 20kn
Number of Stabilizers : 2

Bow & Stern Thrusters : 2
Full Satellite Navigation System : 2
Number of Cabins : 756
Passenger Capacity (based on lower berths) : 1,511

information obtain from Star Cruise official webpage Click: HERE for more details 

On the traveling day 04th Jan 2015:

1:30pm Check-in at Jesselton Jetty
2:00pm On-Board SuperStar Cruise (Taking selfie picture before go inside)

3:00pm Slowly exploring the place (Curious)
3:30pm Passenger Safety briefing (Mandatory to participate) Muster Stations located on Deck 7. approx 15min-20min Safety briefing just like when you take flight the stewardess and steward will demo the flight safety...please don't skip this part!

After the Passenger Safety Briefing then we all back into our comfy cabin...guess what...1st things i do is take a warm bath!

Me and my future brother-in law sharing a cabin. Cabin for two. overall the cabin was clean and not stuffy....was very very comfy thou.....take a short nap and waiting for dinner!

STAR Navigator was like a schedule for its passengers. details like time of dinning , what sort of entertainment available, Restaurant, Shopping and place of interest etc all inside nicely printed.

STAR Navigator (Very Informative)
 Inside the room also provided General Safety Information leaflet both in English and Mandrin.

General Safety Information leaflet

Enjoy the leisure shopping experience on board of Star Cruises

05th Reaching Palawan Philippine,Puerto Princesa City

Puerto Princesa City Jetty Harbour

Warm welcome by Department of tourism Philippines 
Once we reach Puerto Princesa City all passenger waiting to embarking out and respective tour guide is waiting outside.

Puerto Princesa Tour Package B (Click Here)

City Tour:
1) Plaza Cuartel
2) Immaculate Conception Cathedral 
3) Baker's Hill Palawan
4) Souvenir Shop Visit


  Plaza Cuartel


Immaculate Conception Cathedral 

Baker's Hill Palawan

Souvenir Shop Visit

Souvenir Shop Visit

For tour package offer kindly contact MATTHEWPAUL Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd

3rd Day Pandan Island & Robinson Place Mall Visit

PP City Jetty
Pandan Island @Palawan Sunny day and best to visit

Pandan Island @Palawan the sea is clean and the sandy beach was awsomee

Pandan Island Map

Sight Seeing

Smile 1st picture 2nd

Refreshing coconut on Pandan Island

Fresh seafood for BBQ price very cheap! less than P$250 per basket 

One of our dish~ Crab....

Mr Alfred Allen with Tour Guide Ms Maro (She very helpful through out the journey)

Next stop Robinson Place: Palawan Biggest Shopping Mall

Overall the whole journey was fun and awesome...I really highly recommended anyone out there to take this trip package via MATTHEWPAUL Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd. their arrangement was good and the price is fair.  

Call 6088-233032 for more details or click above webpage link
 I wish everyone Happy Holiday and Enjoy Your Trip!