Thursday, January 1, 2015


The coming year of the Wood Sheep holds out much promise, but to feel the full abundance impact of the new year, you will need to be patient because the second half of the year is a lot better than the first half.

The charts that symbolize the destiny luck of 2015 predict challenging times in the near future, particularly the first half; it is going to be a year that is strongly affected by anger energy. Easy conflict and strong misunderstandings seem to be the order of the day. The first half of the year looks difficult, almost it seems like a continuation of the current tail-end of the volatile and shocking Horse year.

Thankfully, the Paht Chee chart i.e. the FOUR PILLARS of the new year seem to indicate the presence of sobering good sense, when even enemies will reach out to solve problems diplomatically. Indeed when you look at the destiny chart of the year carefully, there appears to be great potential. Those who have the courage to dig deep for opportunity will indeed find treasures and success. Businesses can continue to build on what they started in previous years, and for those keen on diversifying, the year 2015 offers some truly exciting opportunities they can build on.

Knowing how to do so could be your chance to latch onto something truly BIG as the year's destiny stars brought by the 24 Mountains of the compass have some BIG AUSPICIOUS stars.

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