Monday, January 26, 2015

Big Wrap Up! Feng Shui Extravaganza 2015-Year Of The Wood Sheep by Jeanette See

General Outlook for the Sheep Year 2015

This year of the WOOD SHEEP is when the mountain of treasures of the current Period of 8 gets opened by the Sheep energies of the year. Place three Sheep to symbolically make this happen for your household. This will enhance opportunities for wealth creation to come your way.

This is also a year with plenty of BIG auspicious chi energies, so there is also the luck for making big things happen that bring wealth and income flows.

There will also be sustenance luck for those in business. This bring a lasting flow of fresh avenues for growth and diversification.

Underlying tensions around cause conflict energies to surface repeatedly; this negative and harmful chi can and must be subdued with symbolic and spiritual remedies.

Overall luck for the year is very stable as all five elements are present, but every animal sigh should strengthen their Lung Ta (Inner essence success energies) by wearing the Windhorse or hanging the Windhorse flag.

Source from WOFS 2015

Extravaganza Feng Shui Update 2015 by Jeanette See 25th Jan 2015 1Borneo Grand Ballroom
Auspicious Lion Group Stand-by for the arrival of the speaker

Inviting the 6 auspicious lion dance ascot Jeanette See to the stage.  
Attend by a unexpected large crowd 
Total of 4 session for the Feng Shui Update
Feng Shui Update 2015
2nd session visited by a large crowd to getting all the auspicious must have item for 2015
Auspicious cleansing bowl with powerful mantras
A Must Have Item! "Ngan Chi" Wealth Tree
The Royal Crown- The Royal Crown activates the luck of authority and promotion brought by the Big Auspicious. Place in the North location to activate the two Big Auspicious Stars located in this sector
A very powerful item-Three Killings (Sarm Saat)
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Eleventh Avenue Media Marketing group picture with Speaker Jeanette See
Left Mr Ken Yuen (Event Manager) Mr Alfred Allen (Creative & Executive Director of Eleventh Avenue Media Marketing & FLEW Magazine and MejaRasakk Blogger. Mr Jack Lo
(Sales Manager) and Mr Brandon (Head of Design & HR)
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Wishing everyone be prosperous and have a blessing year of Wood Sheep