Thursday, September 15, 2016


KUALA LUMPUR (September 14, 2016) – ARMON announced today that he is collaborating with National Cancer Council of Malaysia (MAKNA) to raise funds via a crowdfunding campaign on the largest global site for fundraisers, Indiegogo. The campaign aims to raise funds to produce the music video for Armon’s upcoming single “HAMMERHEAD” which promotes awareness on substance abuse and his journey towards drug recovery with a portion of the proceeds going to MAKNA. He hopes to raise RM7,000 from the campaign to compensate and further the careers of dancers, fellow artists, the production team and those behind the scenes that will work on the video, as well as for MAKNA and their work with cancer patients. The music video is set for release later this November.

Armon, a former engineer by profession, refers to alternative Hip­Hop as a genre and using rap as a medium of delivery in creating a melodious meld of something distinctive, catchy and relatable. Having garnered over 50,000 views on YouTube , the rapper, musician and songwriter is no stranger to the music scene which he has been part of since 2013. When composing songs , he emphasizes in the craftsmanship of the lyrics as he believes in the power of sending meaningful messages through his music which is evident in his previously released singles “Silverline” and “Silence Is A Mindset”

The “HAMMERHEAD” song starts with a self­reflection over confused and inquiring thoughts on alcohol and drug abuse embedded in a hopeful message and afterwards bringing listeners to his journey of substance withdrawal. Armon expresses his sense of seeming despair that his remorse resonates within the melody of the song and the lyrics is best described as an introspective story, but with an outrospective view. This song is a part of Armon’s debut album “The Journey” , which is “Mastered for iTunes” and to date only few Malaysian artists have been known to have their album mastered with this technique.

This thoughtful and emotionally­rich song was written by Armon and composed by Psytrus, a renowned producer from Pulse Soundworks. Additionally, it is flanked with harmonious vocals of Sid Murshid, a singer­songwriter recently signed with Universal Music Malaysia’s record label. With Malaysia Day around the corner, Armon hopes Malaysians can come together to support local indie artists like himself who have positive messages to share through their music. As quoted on MAKNA’s official Facebook page when sharing the campaign, “You can make a huge difference, in the lives of one, and many.”

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