Saturday, July 25, 2015

MyGreen Health Fair - Smooth Opening Ceremony.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Kota Kinabalu 24th July 2015 

MyGreen Health Fair smooth opening ceremony withness by exhibitors and visitors. MyGreen Health Fair Guest of Honor Datuk Gordon Leong officially officiate MyGreen Health Fair at 2pm Oceanus Waterfront Mall. Join together with Datin Jeanette Tembakau (Jari Jari Spa Managing Director), Puan Salina Ali (Rozsall Beauty Academy Managing Director) Mr Ben Uzair (Juara Gym Managning Director) and Mr Victor Ng (General Manager of Oceanus Waterfront Mall) 

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the organiser lead Datuk Gordon Leong for exhibitor tour. Total of 43 international and local beauty and wellness brand taking part in this prestigious exhibition. 

Datuk Gordon Leong impress with such a good participation turn out for MyGreen Health Fair. To put all different brand and company under one wellness roof was totally a challenging task. He glad that the beauty and wellness industries market still have a platform to showcase and exhibit especially in Kota Kinabalu city.

Datuk Gordon Leong hope the organiser can make the MyGreen Health Fair a yearly event. He looking forward the expo can be a big potential attraction event not only for the local but also to the tourist who choose Kota Kinabalu City as their holidays destination in Malaysia.

A token of appreciations from Mr Alfred Allen to Datuk Gordon Leong 

MyGreen Health Fair start from 24-26 July 2015 at Oceanus Waterfront Mall. start from 11am to 8pm. Free Admission.

For inquiries may contact directly to Mr Alfred Allen 014-9575738