Friday, March 20, 2015

Harith Iskander Brings Laughter to SABAH!

Harith Iskander Brings Laughter to SABAH!


Harith Iskander, To Know Malaysia Is To…“ LAUGH, MALAYSIA!” Featuring The Godfather of Stand-up Comedy in Malaysia, Sabah Edition

Get ready to laugh it up Sabahans while you come together as one nation in the most unexpected way – comedy! With so much disparity and tragedy that has befallen Malaysia this year, we need to bring Malaysians together to stand united and resilient…and what better way to bring solidarity other than through true Malaysian-styled comedy and humour!

In October 2014, Harith Iskander filled the Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil with 8000 people who all came for, and got, a night of unbridled laughter and joy. This became the biggest stand up comedy show ever by a comedian in Malaysia – and now, after much demand, he’s ready to bring that show to East Malaysia.

Recently awarded TOP 10 Asia’s Best comedian, Harith Iskander promises the biggest and best night of stand-up comedy in Sabah and will also feature new talent in the Malaysian comedy scene as well a guest international comedian. The show aptly given the title “Harith Iskander…To know Malaysia is to LAUGH MALAYSIA!”, Introducing new materials to the stage as well as some classic “best of” and with a mixture of interactive visuals and live music, Harith, with more than 22 years of experience to his name, aims to bring a new and exciting edge to his performance.

To make the show even more meaningful, percentage of profits from ticket sales will be channelled for CSR purposes. Organizer is currently in talk with the State Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Jainab Ahmad Ayid, for the appropriate NGOs.

Featuring :-

The God Father of Malaysia Comedy, Harith Iskander
Dr Jason Leong (MAL)
GB Labrador (PHI)

Host by - Rizal Van Geyzel (MAL)