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VILLA MEDICA - Clinic For Regenerative Medicine (Germany-Since 1978) Exclusive Sharing by MICHAEL LOH

"Revitalizes the human body, Regenerate damaged organs, Re-energizes the immune system, Retards the aging process"

Kota Kinabalu- 19th September 2014

Fresh cell therapy has a proven high success rate for the treatment of a wide range of chronic conditions. gain insights into this alternative treatment for the 21st century know for its regenerative abilities in healing of diseases, which have been unsuccessfully treated by conventional medicine. 

Gain insights on how to stay young and live healthy with Regenerative Medicine. VILLA MEDICA  Senior Executive Director Mr Michael Loh sharing the secret and breakthrough strategies to optimal health and longevity.

Speaker Mr Michael Loh (Senior Executive Director) sharing the most update wellness info to a full house guest that attending the sharing to know how Regenerative Medicine can benefit to human body-Pacific Sutera Harbour

Why Fresh Cell Therapy?
The chemical and drugs in modern orthodox medicine only works until they are broken down by the body's metabolic processes. Fresh Cell Therapy, on the other hand stimulates the body's own healing and revitalizing powers and therefore has a long-term effect. Thus, it not only treats the symptoms but also successfully cures the cause. In short, cell therapy is like a "Wake up" call for the patients' "Dormat' Healing ability.

It is a safe and natural therapy without any chemical agents and is also useful as a prophylactic measure for younger patients.

The Benefits
There are enormous benefits in the use of Fresh Cell Therapy, primarily the revitalization of the body's immune system and defense mechanisms:


The desired effec of a Fresh Cell Therapy may be experienced by the patients immediately, usually in the third or fourth week after the injection. The patient feels regenerated and revitalized; experience and improvement in general health and physical stamina, enhanced metabolism, improved blood circulation with the skin looking noticeably better with reduced wrinkles, activation of metal power and an uplifting of spirits. In cases where ailing organs are targeted by the therapy, improvement in the function of the organs can be noticed. At times, even a total cure is possible.

Long-term effect

Depending on the patient's lifestyle, diet, environment and specific ailment, the efficacy of a successful course of cell therapy may last for months or years.

The therapy should not be repeated until a lapse of a least six months from the preceding course although very often, patients are able to achieve the desired result after a single treatment

"Fresh Cell Therapy is proven to be safe and effective in slowing the aging process and regain youth through improvement in skin tone and complexion, reduction in wrinkles, stabilization of mental power, and increase in vitality, energy levels and physical power"

Senior Executive Director

Currently, Michael is the Senior Executive Director of Villa Medica, a leading establishment for regenerative medicine specializing in Fresh Cell Therapy. He manages and develops the global business strategy for the brand. 

As Senior Executive Director, he is responsible for opening offices/ clinics across Asia while managing the existing business units and ensuring the future sustainability of the group. He also ensures the integrity of the brand and helps to identify new business opportunities within the profile of the group.

Michael successfully founded the globally renowned SpaAsia magazine (2002), The Crystal Awards (2004), and Wellness Summit (2005). He is also the President of the International Medical Spa Association and Day Spa Association—Asia Pacific.

His visionary leadership has unceasingly impressed global leaders within the Wellness & Spa industry and beyond. His long-established entrepreneurship and great foresight coupled with his extensive knowledge of the media and global branding sectors are instrumental in his efforts to orchestrate projects that ride alongside the wave of explosive growth in the Wellness Industry especially in the arena of corporate wellness.

Michael has seen the evolution of the state of Consciousness in the minds and practices that have shaped the current state of consumerism across the world. Following instinctively his foresight in the evolution of wellness and healthcare that would ultimately redefine the wellness landscape, he is now evolving to adapt to the inevitable transition that would focus on preventive and personalized healthcare through integrative and regenerative medicine. In addressing this untapped market, he aims to bring the concept of well-care into reality, championing conscious living with a niche focus on corporate executive health and the affluent consumers in particular.

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