Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BandWidth Magazine proudly presents the first and biggest water party, Waterworld Fiesta!

Come party with us at Water World Fiesta with KK’s most “splashtacular” DJs and dance group this September! In case you’re wondering, Water World Fiesta is not just a water party; it will have a music-festival atmosphere so you can get groovy all night long! If you like a bit of challenge, we’ve got water balloon fights, squirt gun battles and many other water games too. We expect everyone to wear their best swimwear – no point going to water party clad in your fave jeans and tshirt right!

With every ticket purchase, guests are entitled for a complimentary glass of beer or soft drink.

More info soon!
Call 0165843906 for tickets.

Special shout out to our event partners:
Water World Theme Park
Discover Kota Kinabalu
Ingenio Industries

and big big round of applause to our sponsors:
The Retro Club