Monday, August 8, 2016


Return Of The "OrangUtan"
by Datuk Dr M.Z Atun Wee
A Substantive Thank You from the British Volunteer
Service Overseas to the people of 
Sabah North Borneo

Return Of The 'OrangUtan"
Date: 7th August 2016 (Sunday)
Venue: The Palace Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.

Opening speech by
Datuk Dr M.Z Atun Wee

Dr Atun Wee was the first native of North Borneo to qualify as a doctor and subsequently, the last of a breed of multi-skilled surgeons in the fields of neurological, orthopaedic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

After training in the UK for 20 years he returned to Sabah to serve his own people.

The publication of "Return Of The OrangUtan"
now for sales

The paradigm shift in social outlook made his 30 years' experience of dedicated service in Sabah and Brunei and adventure of snags and challenges well worthy of note, 

Guest of Honor
Tan Sri Simon Sipaun

especially for young members of the medical profession. His research activities have left a legacy of many pioneering 'firsts' and advanced discoveries in knowledge and skill which may not become generally known for some time.
On the other hand his story show that success in a career does not depend on knowledge, skills and ability or conscientiousness alone.

Return Of The "OrangUtan"
now officially launch

Dr Atun Wee was born in Keningau, a "Pranakan" mixture of 3rd generation Sino and native Murut. on the 8 August 1942 during the occupation of the State of North Borneo by Japan in the World War II. The country became a British Crown Colony of North Borneo After 1945.

Datuk Dr M.Z Atun Wee
receive special birthday surprise from his wife
after the launching.

He grew up amidst the poverty and hardship of a developing 3rd world country. Sent for further education to the UK at the end of the colonial administration, he chose a career in medicine with the hope of contributing to the development of his homeland. After 20 years of training in not one but three tertiary surgical specialities the "Jungle boy" decided to return to fulfill his cherished mission of service, only to find a changed new country in the Federation of Malaysia.

Datuk Dr M.Z Atun Wee presenting one copies of the book to Tan Sri Simon Sipaun

Declining the comfortable position of a pioneering professor in brain surgery at the National University in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, he chose to carry his mission of active service in his home state of Sabah.

The adventure and conclusion of over 30 years of dedicated service brought to light much useful advice for younger member of the profession and considerable food for thoughts for other intellectuals. 

Special group photo with the Admin team from KPJ together with Datuk Dr M.Z Atun Wee

Among the scattered amusing anecdotal episodes deeper philosophical questions emerge in the atmosphere of life and living. it pricks conscience to wonder and a must-read account of a life.

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