Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Expensive pets? Let me introduce Arowana Fish to you. Thank you Jefferey Soo the founder of GAFC spending some times sharing with me about this prehistoric freshwater fish. 

The Asian arowana is a prehistoric freshwater fish that has a long, narrow and flat body. The belly is a sharp ridge with large, thick scales. At the end of the lower jaw, there is a pair of large barbels. The mouth is extremely wide. The arowana has many colors such as gold, red, and green. The arowana is often called “dragon fish” because of its enormous scales and long, whisker-like chin barbels. When it glides gracefully through the water, its pectoral fins often spread out, resembling a dragon in full flight. The oriental dragon is a symbol of good luck, strength and power in many cultures and is said to ward off evil.

Mr Jeff Arowana world gallery located at Menggatal Plaza just above Multi-Bake bakery. Fully operate last 2 weeks. More than 20 fresh water aquarium and different type of Arowana breed available. You can spend hours not only by looking at all the beautiful Arowana and yet you will enjoy chatting with them about the Arowana. either you take it as hobby or simply as a new pets in your home.

Price from RM888 and above...

Auspicious nine Arowana suitable for your home and office.

Private pets Gold Arowana.

One year old Gold Arowana. For display only.

Not for sale.

Arowana World Gallery now at Menggatal Plaza (above Multi Bake Bakery)

They provide:

  1. Customized fish tank with cabinet from 4ft to 6ft size and bigger.
  2. Arowana Diseases Management 
  3. Arowana Trade-In
  4. Arowana Tank Maintenance 
  5. Arowana Wholesales & Retail

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