Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sutera Harbour Resort's Auspicious CNY Offerings

Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu- Sutera Harbour Resort ushers the Year of the Wooden Goat with a Yee Sang toss hosted by the Deputy chief Executive Office of Sutera Harbour Resort Gerard Tan for their media partners at Silk Garden, The Pacific Sutera Hotel today. Also present was the General Manager of The pacific Sutera Hotel Yeow Hock Siew, Executive Chiense chef- Chef Louie Hoi, communications Manager Tracy Lim and Assistant Communications Manager Clara Lim.

The lunch was also to introduce the many sumptuous Chinese new Year offerings and options at the Resort especially at Silk Garden, known as one of the finest Chinese restaurant in town, who offers a variety of specially-designed set menus to celebrate the occasion.

The traditional Yee Sang Set is available now at Silk Garden until 5 March. Toss for prosperity and an abundance of wealth with our Auspicious Yee Sang Set from RM65++ onwards with choices of vegetable yee san, fresh surf clams yee sang, fresh salmon yee sang or abalone yee sang.

Auspicious Yee Sang Set from RM65++ (Yee Sang with Salmon and Sesame Dressing Condiments
This year, Chef Louie Hoi also introduces tow special set menus to commemorate the occasion. on 16 and 17 February for lunch and dinner and 18 February for dinner only, the Sau Gong Abundance Set menu wraps this year's fortune at RM1588.00++ for a table of 10 persons. "Sau gong" which literally means "dinner at the closing of work" is a custom to mark the end of a fruitful year and is usually practised by companies and businesses before their staff head home to use the Year of the Goat.

Toss for prosperity and an abundance of wealth
Another practice is the "Kai Gong" which is to wish all their staff a prosperous new and great year ahead. The delightful Kai Gong Longevity set at RM1,388.00++ for a table of 10 persons is the perfect way to boost the Chinese new Year's back to work ambiance. This is only available from 22-24 February for lunch and dinner.

The Prosperity Set Menu which is available form 18 February until Chap Goh Mei offers two sumptuous set menu; Joy Luck Set at RM1,388.00++ and Double Happiness Set at RM1,588.00++, both for a table of 10 persons. Advance reservation is required for this Prosperity Set Menu.

Joy Luck Set Menu RM1,388.00++
Steamed Rice with Preserved Duck Leg Wrapped
with Lotus Leaf
On the Eve of Chinese New Year (18 February), there will be a special classical performance at Silk Garden where a 3-piece band will be performing traditional musical instruments including Kucheng, Erhu and Pi Pa to accompany your reunion dinner with your loved ones.

Another exclusive for this period only is the Special Chinese New Year Ala Carte Menu and the Chef's Specialty Dim sum available from 19 February to 5 March 2015

Wok-Fried Prawn with Rock Salt & Garlic

For those who are looking for lavish buffet can head over to Cafe Boleh, The Pacific Sutera Hotel for their Harmony Reunion Buffet Dinner on February 18 at RM175.00nett per person. while on 19 February, enjoy the Fatt Choi Buffet Brunch at RM115.00nett per person and the Lucky Lunar Buffet Dinner at RM175.00nett per person.

At The Magellan Sutera Resort, savour the Golden Reunion Buffet Dinner on 18 February at RM175.00nett per person and Good Fortune Buffet Dinner on 19 & 20 February at RM175.00nett per person

Presented menu
For those who are looking for one of a kind Chinese New Year Giveaway, order our yummilicious Mandrin Orange Cheese Cake from Muffinz, The Magellan Sutera Resort. The delightful cake is only available from 3-28 February 2015.

Steamed Red Coral with Luffa Melon, Wood Fungus and Red Dates

According to the Deputy Chief Operating Officer Gerard Tan, this year Sutera Harbour Resort will also organize lion dance performance on the first day of Chinese New Year (19 February). The first performance will held at the Lobby of The Magellan Sutera Resort at 11am, Lobby of  The Pacific Sutera Hotel at 12pm, Lobby of Sutera Harbour Golf & Country Club at 2pm. Everyone is invited to come and witness this exciting lion dance performance.

Deep-Fried Ninko with Taro
Presented Menu
Presented Menu
From left Communication Manager Tracy Lim. Middle Mr Alfred Allen Ginsos Ceative / Executive Director of Eleventh Avenue Media Marketing. blogger and F.L.E.W Magazine publisher. Right Assistant Communications Manager Ms Clara Lim
Group Photo with General Manager of The Pacific Sutera Hotel Mr Yeow Hock Siew (Middle) together with Executive Chinese Chef-Chef Louie Hoi
Media group photo with Deputy Chief Executive Office of Sutera Harbour Resort Gerard Tan (Stand right Middle)
For more information on Sutera Harbour Resort's Chinese New Year promotion, please contact +088 318 888