Tuesday, April 10, 2012

REDSOUL First Live In Malaysia

PARTY PLAY present Their 1st international event with REDSOUL the Korean Acapella Group first live in malaysia on 15th April (coming sunday) from 8pm to 10pm.How to get into this event?simply purchase their poster @ RM30 or purchase thier 1st CD albulm MEDLEY @ RM50 to obtain and invites. CD & poster can be purchase at both PARTY PLAY Party Play , Lintas KK & PLAYGROUND @ CITYMALL, seats are limited at 200 ticket only, hurry & dont miss this great event ever in KK. Ticket holder gets to enjoy 10% discount on all a la carte item & TIGER BEER DRAFT promotion by GAB
for further enquiry please visit or call 088-218210 (Party Play @ Lintas) & 088-487210 (Playground-by PartyPlay@ Citymall)